Evans Mill HOA BOD Meeting Agenda (10/16/23)

BOD Meeting Agenda

6:00 PM in Gazebo of Common Area
  • Call To Order
  • Minutes from last meeting (Polly Meyer)
  • Financial Report (Ray Whitby)
  1. Operating Budget
    • Annual Dues
  • Old Business:
  1. Parking Rule Compliance: Reason Hearing
  2. ACC Forms
    • Tree Removal Form final updates
    • ARC Application final updates
  3. Annual Meeting Planning
  4. Common Area Development
    • Projected costs for playground and walking track projects
    • Options of current Playground
    • Liability of current playground
    • Timeline for project completion
    • Social Events
  5. Evans Mill Neighborhood Maintenance
    • Projected costs for landscaping maintenance (mulching & pruning)
    • Extra mowing for Common Area
    • Holiday Decorations
  • New Business
  1. House for sale in neighborhood
  2. Wildfire Risk Assessments
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