Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to document and track all ACC responses, the only method currently in place to obtain an approved Architectural Change Request is by submitting a form. Verbal or email responses to questions, outside of the ACC process as described in Covenants and By-Laws, are not considered approval.

Tree Removal, New Construction (House additions, garages, sheds, decks and fences) must be approved by the ACC.

Parking location of Accessory Vehicles larger than 20 ft shall be approved by the ACC. See Documents Page for Parking regulations.

The Architectural Review Form and Building Guidelines must be filled out and pictures or drawings of the required change provided with the request.

If you have any questions regarding the need for a form, please contact the ACC chairman or HOA Board of Directors. See Contacts Page.

All Architectural Control Committee (ACC) requests must be submitted to Management Services via one of the below preferred methods:

  1. Primary: Submit the ACC forms in the Documents Page along with supporting documents through the Owner Portal
  2. Secondary: Submit form to Management Services directly by emailing Evans Mill Managers. See our Contacts Page.

Please do not submit forms directly to the ACC Chairman or members due to tracking and documenting currently managed by Management Services.

Supplies to repair or replace current mailboxes can be found at as well as Garrett Evans of New Bern.

Owners are encouraged to contact the ACC for assistance or questions regarding mailbox guidelines.

In addition, Dale Holadia has volunteered his contact information for homeowners looking to get their mailbox replaced professionally, please call or email:

Dale Holadia, Owner
WHPH Construction LLC

Evans Mill HOA has a facebook page with events and information: Click Here 

An unofficial facebook group is available and maintained by homeowners: Click Here

To contact the HOA Board of Directors or sub-committees, please email:

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